Tony Shin of the Michigan Snowboard Club. Backyard sesh front board

Jordan’s Rod

Dock in Hell at Tim’s Cabin

Chillin in Hell with the homies (Tim and Jordan)

Dave Suckstorff - Nose manny over a skylight in Ann Arbor

wildinforeveryoung asked:
Any tips, advice, opinions, guidelines for a young mans first photo pass ? It's for passion pit and I'm nervous as fuck.

Hell yeah man congrats. Don’t be nervous its an awesome time. Heres my advice:

- Make sure you can change lenses quickly and get your settings set during the opener and at the very beginning of the stage

- Try to get as many different angles as possible — you don’t want the same shot 100 times

- Take closeups of the band members as well as the band as a whole

- Don’t forget about the crowd, they’re part of the show too. Try to get some artistic photos of the crowd and the band/lead with the crowd.

- Nothing is off limits till someone tells you it is… I’ve snuck into many areas I probably was not supposed to be in to get an angle I wanted to check out. The worst that will happen is they will tell you to move unless you are blatantly doing something off limits

- Don’t let other people push you around… some people can be dicks just ignore them and try to get the shot you want but don’t be in people’s way too much

- Enjoy the show… The more into it you are the better photos you’ll probably get

- Notice patterns in the lighting and try to get various lighting scenarios (Make sure to change your settings accordingly)

!- Check your photos as you shoot so you don’t get a bunch of over/underexposed photos… we’ve all been there. That being said the viewfinder can be a bit screwy sometimes.

- Enjoy… It’s awesome being in the photo pit. Just relax and enjoy the concert

Michigan Basketball

Trey Burke game winning dunk to beat MSU

Tim Hardaway Jr. finger roll in the win against MSU

Tim Hardaway Jr. catches an alley-oop in their win against MSU